Welcome to my brand new and long overdue website. I’ve been going through the archives looking for suitable content and this is as far back as I’m going to go. It’s a good place to start as this was my first shoot after a long break from photography.

“Just One More Hill”

In October 2011 Richard Rothwell wanted to ride up and down the West Highland Way. He just didn’t want to do the almost 200 mile return journey at the leisurely pace enjoyed by most riders on this well travelled but very remote route. A high speed return journey was the plan with a time goal of 24 hours.

The excellent but sadly defunct Privateer magazine wanted to cover Richy’s attempt. Unfortunately, their photographer dropped out at the last minute. That’s when I was roped in. Someone accused me of being a photographer. I had a DSLR, a photography A-level and a handful of magazine features under my belt. In truth, I hadn’t shot anything at all for a few years but I volunteered my services and was quietly bricking it until it was all over.

I won’t write up the whole story here but we were off the Highland’s for a weekend of riding, driving, Pot Noodles, sleep deprivation and every type of weather you can get. All I had to do was take pictures so I had it quite easy. Richy wrote up his harrowing version of events and the whole thing was published in issue 7 of Privateer.
















“Snookered. Checkmate. Game over”

Richy’s mission went a little off the rails. You should seek out a Privateer back issue if you want to know what it’s like to spend nearly 30 hours in the saddle with the weather trying to grind you into dust.

Personally, I loved it. Trying to shoot an event that would take place almost entirely in the dark, featuring a rider that was flying solo and unreachable across pitch black mountain tops. It was hard. It was cold, wet, exhausting, ambitious, dangerous and just the right amount of stupid.

It was the kick up the arse I needed to get back into photography. I’ve been at it ever since.

Find out more about Richy Rothwell on his personal site- www.richyroth.com

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